Welcome to the first Blog from here at ‘The Chatterbox’ within Silver Birch Dell!

The Chatterbox is in Orchard Lane and it is rather an unusual place.  A hive of industry with all sorts going on, from printing our newspaper, The Daily Dell, to offices upstairs in the Spinning Top where we can gather information and report on our social media.

We are all so excited in the Fairy Dell as our first story of the series is launched in London today, Tuesday 16th May 2017.

Shoppy Poppy has been very busy trying to decide which outfit she will wear and DT has been practically bursting with excitement! I am trying to keep everyone quite calm!

Each month I will report on what is going on and any news we would like to share with everyone.   Sometimes we will include ‘live’ interviews with friends too if they pop in…!

I have my own desk with my name on it and it is where I write my blog.  Sometimes DT the Railway Cat joins me but only when I say so!

There will also be a feature on one of the team, starting this month with our author, Alison May.

I met with her the other day and asked her a couple of questions….


“Can you tell me why you decided to write these stories?”

Well when I was growing up, I loved to read and I would sit with a book and pencil, day-dreaming and making up my own stories.  I spent hours just writing all sorts and using my imagination to fill the pages.  I carried on writing as I grew older and then when I was lucky enough to have a little boy of my own, I began writing this particular set of stories about Silver Birch Dell and all the characters who live there as it was something which we shared together.  We both loved adventures and of course, tried to guess what would happen along the way!


“Who is your favourite character?”

Haha! That is a very awkward question as I love them all in their own unique way but if I had to choose one, it would be DT the Railway Cat as he is so lovable!  You must keep that a secret though!


“Why is the book the size and shape it is?”

I really like things that look bright, colourful and happy so it was very important to me to try and produce a book that was inviting to everyone but was easy to carry and use anywhere, not too big and not too small.  The shape reminds me of the books I loved when I was a little girl.


“Do you share all the secrets of Silver Birch Dell in the stories?”

My you are a very inquisitive reporter Bella! Well sometimes we all come across things which can be happy, sad, fun, scary, challenging and so on, no matter what age we are.  I think that if we can share things and lead by example, we can help others sometimes when they are going through similar things or have the same feelings.  So yes, to answer your question, I do share some secrets along the way but I did get permission from certain fairies first!


“Where is your favourite place in the Dell?”

There are so many to choose from but if I have to then it would be The Trifle House!


Look out for next month to see who we meet!

We really hope that everyone will enjoy reading about all our adventures in Silver Birch Dell.  Reading can be such fun and is something that you can do by yourself or share with others.  Enjoy!

I will see you soon.



One response to “Bella’s Blog”

  1. Christine Penney says:

    I have read the first story DT find the door it was fantastic as I was reading I felt like I was in silver birch dell. I cannot wait for the next story in the series .