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Herbie Sweetcorn and the Chickenpox

This enchanting and funny adventure shows us that whilst loyalty and being protective are important, so is acting upon fact rather than impulse alone.


River Dawn and the Christmas Stockings

This delightful adventure delivers a warm message that the idea of Christmas is not only about what you receive but much more about what you can give.


Sheloria Stokey and the Halloween Acorns

This Halloween adventure demonstrates to us all that sometimes, when you are faced with a difficult situation, you find out just how brave you can be.

Bella Sports day hardback

Bella Honeysuckle and the Sports Day

This latest story reminds us it’s the taking part and having fun that really matters.

Giuseppe Spag hardback

Giuseppe Spaghetti and the Flowers

This latest story helps us realise the importance of trying to be helpful.


Bundle of 6 Books

A bundle of the first 6 books.

DT finds Hardback

DT Finds the Door

A lavishly illustrated story, introducing DT and Silver Birch Dell


DT Soft Toy

DT the Railway Cat soft toy

Sliver Birch Dell Map


A print of Silver Birch Dell with accompanying key code.



2 printed silicone wristbands 12mm